Special Systems Maintenance

A specialty system (Life safety, Security & low current system) needs regular maintenance to guarantee its optimal functionality. This involves inspecting the individual components, changing the batteries when needed and ensuring that all the individual parts communicate effectively with one another. While your main control pad and a monitoring service help you keep track of system performance, you should conduct your own weekly and monthly inspections as well.

Such inspections help prevent major malfunctions in your security system, but an annual inspection from a qualified technician helps ensure everything stays running optimally for years to come. An inspector performs a more thorough check up on all the components, wiring, power supplies and sensors in the system and replaces or repairs anything that is not performing perfectly

We offer annual inspections at relatively low cost, and many customers added it as a part of the initial installation agreement. This helps prevent more expensive repairs down the road as well as reduce the risk of the system failing when you need it most.

fire alarm inspection

Part of the maintenance also install any needed updates. This sometimes happens remotely through the main control panel. However, inquire about the software while the inspector is there to make sure you have the most updated firmware. This eliminates bugs and reduces the risk of malfunction.

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