Audio-Visual System

Communication is effective only when the message is timely and clear. This applies to all forms of communication whether it is one-to-one; one-to-many, or many-to-many. In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven business environments, speedy and efficient communication tools are valued for their roles in engaging both employees and customers alike. Such interactions and engagements start in boardrooms, meeting rooms, and training rooms through presentations, discussions, and seminars, involving an audience in the same room or in any part of the world.

Each meeting venue – a boardroom, conference hall, auditorium or classroom – has its own set of audio-visual (AV) challenges for communication. The quality of AV communication in a room or hall can be affecting by the size of the room, building materials, furniture and interior fit-outs, ambient noise and light, temperature, humidity and so on. Therefore, the AV equipment installed must be able to monitor the above factors and adjust their performance to maintain high fidelity of audio and video.

The proper system integration of AV devices can guarantee timely, targeted, uninterrupted, and efficient communication. Audio-visual technology has evolved to facilitate interactions at a push of a button as well as remote control and management of AV equipment such as electronic visual displays (projectors, televisions, and digital signage); microphones; loudspeakers; and computers via a single control interface such as wireless touchscreen panel, instead of a separate remote control for each device. Centralized control and management of AV systems also allow customization, scheduling, and display of targeted information to relevant customers in multiple locations via a digital signage network.

AV system

We understand how important clear and uninterrupted communication is for business. That’s why we aim to design and integrate AV systems that are intelligent enough to manage the complexities of controlling the IT equipment used through a meeting session, and simultaneously, user-friendly enough to simplify human control to oversee the progress of the session.

Benefits of Ignitechs audio-visual solutions

  • High quality video output
  • Clear and Intelligible sound output
  • User friendly and flexible control interface
  • Remote access, configuration, and control

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