Life Safety System

Emergency situations in a building can arise due to fires, natural disasters, power outages, vandalism and so on. During such crises, building occupants are likely to respond in an unpredictable manner, often resulting in panic and chaos, which impede rescue and evacuation efforts.

A combination of intelligent fire alarm and voice evacuation systems is critical for guiding and evacuating occupants in a building to safety. Such an integrated system includes control and indicating equipment, initiating, and signalling devices such as intelligent fire alarm control panels; heat and smoke detectors; pull stations and manual call points; strobes; beacons; electronic visual displays; emergency lighting; sounders; and loudspeakers configured for high intelligibility. The uninterrupted functioning of these systems is guaranteed with the inclusion of secondary power supplies for fire alarm systems and central battery systems for emergency and exit lighting.

During an emergency situation, which may or may not require evacuation, building occupants can be alerted and guided with pre-recorded voice messages and live announcements, because certain situations call for responses based on immediate decisions. To minimize confusion while managing an evacuation or to avoid life threatening situations such as stampedes, mass notification systems need to be integrated with fire alarm systems, and human judgment and live announcements should have priority over any other emergency signal.

At Ignitechs, we are uncompromising in our approach to providing life safety solutions to help save lives. We go to great lengths to ensure that we not only integrate the best performing and most reliable life safety systems in the world but also deliver their objectives when it matters most, that is, when building occupants need to respond to emergency situations with the assistance of loud and clear voice instructions. In other words, we understand how to measure and design intelligibility.

life safty-
life safty

To achieve speech intelligibility, we perform detailed acoustic simulations on the propagation of sound in a building, hall or room and calculate the sound pressure levels, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and speech transmission index (STI). This helps us determine the optimal number, distribution, placement, and power levels of loudspeakers in order to achieve the required SNR and intelligibility. 

Benefits of Ignitechs life safety systems

  • Intelligent and addressable fire alarm control panels, initiating and signaling devices
  • Customizable onsite and offsite programming
  • Professional-audio-enabled public addressing and voice evacuation
  • Loudspeaker configuration and installation based on acoustic simulations
  • Central battery system for emergency and exit lighting
  • Compliant with international codes and standards (BS, EN, NFPA)
  • Compliant with local codes and standards (UAE fire and life safety code)
  • BSI, Kitemark, TUV, and LPCB certifications
  • Compatible with conventional, addressable, and wireless fire alarm systems

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