We provide process control and automation systems solutions and products covering a wide range of applications in the fields of industrial plants, electricity, water & sewage, food & beverages, oil & gas and others.
Our objective is to understand and satisfy the customer requirements by using industrially proved DCS, PLC, SCADA, and RTU systems from well-known control and automation system vendors. In its policy, the company assumes the highest standards of work quality that fulfil customer requirements throughout the use of up-to-date technologies.
We have an expert staff that has the expertise and capability to provide specialized control and automation solutions starting from measuring equipment and field instrumentations up to the HMI and managerial level applications. New system installations as well as rehabilitation, replacement, and upgrading of existing systems are all within the scope of our services.

We provide to the clients additional consultancy and training services regarding the general terms concepts, and definitions of process control and automation The main objective of these additional services are to help the clients and decision makers to select the appropriate control system by understanding the precise differences between different products such as (DCS, PLC, RTU, Traditional (4-20) field devices, and field bus technology).

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